Professional Surface Cleaning and Industrial Cleaning

Trey Mathias Pressure Washing in Columbia, South Carolina, offers quality surface and industrial cleaning for residential and commercial establishments. We thoroughly remove surface dirt and stains collected on surfaces over the years. Choose our pressure washing services and bring back the aesthetic value of any of the following:

• Apartment Complexes
• Drive-Thru Areas
• Homes
• New Constructions
• Schools
• Swimming Pool Decks

• Business Offices
• Dumpster Areas
• Industrial Locations
• Parking Lots and Decks
• Shopping Centers
• Patios
• Commercial Vehicle Fleets
• Gas Stations
• Mobile Homes
• Recreation Facilities
• Stadiums
• Fences
• Porches


Enhance the appearance of exteriors made of a wide range of materials. All water sprays at the appropriate pressure that properly remove mold, mildew and dirt:

• Awnings
• Retaining Walls
• Walkways

• Sidewalks
• Curbs
• Windows
• Gutters
• Canopies
• Pontoons
• Brick
• Vinyl

Window Cleaning

Gaze through spotless windows made possible with our professional-grade window cleaning. We use only de-ionized purified water and soft-tip brush to restore the shine on the windows of any building. This is the ultimate, "GREEN" way, as no chemicals are used.

Liquid Cleaning Agents

Be assured that many of our jobs are completed without cleaning agents, which may cause damage on specific surfaces. Should cleaners be required, we utilize the most eco-friendly products.

Contact us today for cleaning residential, commercial and industrial tough surfaces.